Spring has Arrived….

Spring has finally arrived….I think.  The weather has started to warm and in March that means the wind will be blowing.  Flowers are starting to sneak up out of the dry ground. We also have baby goats arriving!  On Sunday we had a dam (mom) deliver triplets.  The larger 2 are doing great!  The smallest one had no muscles strength in her legs, just not enough room inside for stretching!  Because she couldn’t get up and nurse for the first day or so we have had to bottle feed her.  The boys helped.  I’n not sure mom will take her now,  she is still pretty small and wobbly on her feet.  We may have to bottle feed her for awhile. She has stollen they hearts of  the family.  We will need to give her a few days and make sure she will make it then we can name her!


About Ranch Revival

I am a mother of 2 boys who loves living in the country. The Pawnee Buttes Ranch Blog is about country life and the way we live it. My husband and I bought the ranch May 26, 2010. We raise alpacas, boer meat goats, and chickens. We may throw cattle into the mix down the road. This is a journal of rebuilding, repair and the adventures of our family. Enjoy!
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