Good Morning!

Here it is…my first official blog post. This is something I have wanted to do for awhile and haven’t had the courage to do it. I have decided to grab 2011 by the horns, so here we are with an early start! I didn’t choose the banner photo, however, I couldn’t have made a better choice for a new beginning!

My thoughts for this blog are many. I want to keep everyone up to date on the remodeling we are doing to our ranch house and property. We raise alpacas and boer meat goats, I will work on showing your photos and keep you updated on ranch babies. I have become a “foodie” so I will post recipes that my family enjoys. I do have some exciting business plans I am working on…they will revolve around the alpacas and their fiber….they will also be posted here.

Please feel free to post comments, thoughts, ideas etc. I welcome the feedback.

Thanks for stopping!



About Ranch Revival

I am a mother of 2 boys who loves living in the country. The Pawnee Buttes Ranch Blog is about country life and the way we live it. My husband and I bought the ranch May 26, 2010. We raise alpacas, boer meat goats, and chickens. We may throw cattle into the mix down the road. This is a journal of rebuilding, repair and the adventures of our family. Enjoy!
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One Response to Good Morning!

  1. Yea Nicki! Your blog looks awesome! I am so excited for you and the good things 2011 will bring to you and your family! Congrats to you!

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